• Having a Better Understanding of Diabetic Podiatrists

    Before understanding what a diabetic podiatrist does, you should first be able to differentiate between an orthopaedics and a podiatrist. Orthopaedics are specialists who handle conditions of the bones and joints of your entire body and might have more skills than podiatrists. Podiatrists mostly handle problems related to your feet and ankles. The majority of orthopaedics can handle surgery, but not all podiatrists can. Podiatrists have different specialisations; for example, you can come across a sports podiatrist, diabetic podiatrist, neuro-podiatrist, dermatological podiatrist, etc.
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  • How Can a Podiatrist Help You Manage Claw Toe Pain?

    If one of your toes is curling inwards, then you may have some discomfort or even pain. This condition, known as claw toe, can make walking difficult. Even at rest, the toe and other parts of your foot may hurt. While some claw toes are fixed with surgery, not all toes get to this stage. If surgery isn't an option, then seeing a podiatrist should help.  What can a podiatrist do for you?
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