Kids, Shoes, Early Walking and Foot Issues

A Quick Overview of Charcot Foot for Diabetics

People with diabetes can face problems with their feet due to two major complications of the disease: poor circulation and nerve damage. Charcot foot, more properly referred to as Charcot athropathy, is one of the most serious conditions that can occur as a result of these issues. Here’s a quick overview of the condition. What […]

Plantar Faciitis – How Your Podiatrist Can Help

Plantar fasciitis is painful foot condition that can become chronic if not treated promptly by a qualified podiatrist.  Read on to find out how a podiatrist could help you to relieve the discomfort of this debilitating condition. What is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a condition caused by the inflammation of the connective tissue that […]

Treating Feet Stricken By Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is one of the lesser known forms of arthritis, but that doesn’t make it any less debilitating than its more infamous cousins. Psoriatic arthritis manifests in a small but significant proportion of people who suffer from psoriasis, the more well-known chronic skin condition, which causes red, itchy scales on the skin. If this […]

High-Arched Feet Explained

When the arches of your feet are too high, your heels and the balls of your feet experience too much stress when you stand or walk as a result of your weight being unevenly distributed. The arches of your feet would normally provide the surrounding muscles with support and add stability to your joints, but […]

How to Deal with Your Teen’s Heel Pain

If your physically active teen is experiencing severe heel pain, it may well be caused by Sever’s Disease.  Do not be alarmed as it is actually quite a common injury that occurs in adolescents. Although it can be painful, it is a temporary condition that leaves no long term effects if quickly diagnosed and treated […]